09 August 2005

August Goals, Revisited

I wondered how long I would be able to stick to my goal list, LOL. This cutie is the "Stick it here" freebie by Prairie Schooler. I've stitched it on 28 ct. "Potato" Lugana using DMC floss. It's going to be a Christmas gift for an aunt who sews - I'll finish it off as either a pincushion or a needle case, depending on how confident I'm feeling.

When I made my August list, I overlooked the fact that it is high time to do another charity piece. This time I'm doing a piece for elderly folks. After doing two kids' quilt squares, it seemed time to pay my respects to our seniors. OECS is a wonderful charity group that collects quilt squares and makes them into cheery, personal lap quilts for older people who are in nursing homes. I'm doing a cat, as there are two ladies on the list who are quite keen on the kitties. I'm starting with a tiger cat, and if time permits I will do a second piece featuring a black cat. If you're interested in also stitching for charity, feel free to contact me for addresses and contacts. It's fun and it will make someone happy. We all need to try to bring a bit of beauty to the world, however we can.

So I've deviated from my list, only a week into the month. Figures!
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