04 August 2005

Today's been a slow day for stitching (which is to say, I didn't do any) but I have been able to check a few items off my goals list for August.

Nicky went in with Niek for the pre-op/info meeting at the hospital. The docs all assured them that this is a walk in the park, a piece of cake, like taking candy from a baby. Yeah, well, it's not their kid! But I am doing a fine job of keeping my panicky feelings to myself. And really, it will be so much better for him when winter rolls around again.

I also made my way into the bastions of medical mayhem for a brief appointment and after a rather embarassing meeting with the receptionist, who assumed that if the door was open to the gynecologist's office, there surely wouldn't be anyone in there .... Well fortunately you cannot actually die from embarassment; we'll just leave it at that. So tick off the items of medical maintenance that needs to be done.

I also re-organized my printed charts after purchasing another binder. This time I think I really might stand a chance of finding something I am looking for. In addition to that rather daunting task (which had Niek muttering about installing filing cupboards in our living room), I also alphabetized my charts that are in leaflet/booklet format and updated my list of those titles. So tick off the items related to organization.

To celebrate my unusual tidiness, I decided to kick back tonight and read a few pages in the newest Rowling's offering, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. The books keep getting darker and more menacing, but they are irresistable. As I waited for the microwave popcorn to finish making noises (greasy hands - no stitching!) I had a great time trying to make out the titles of the books in the bookshelf behind Ms Rowlings in her author's photograph. heh heh. Now are those staged or are they truly hers? And if they are truly hers, what on EARTH does she use as a system for shelving them? I mean, Freud next to Christie, and Nabokov by Jane Austen? Where is the logic? What is the plan? How does the woman find anything??

Oh, today's picture is a little piece I did for charity that I call Bluebirds for Alison. It is a combination of 4 My Sons (My Garden Wild) and Bent Creek (Bluebird Zippie). Plus some of my own stuff to blend it together.
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