03 August 2005

Dad's gone.

It is amazing how fast 11 days will go by when you want it to just s-l-o-w d-o-w-n. Now 11 days of working will last approximately a month in subjective time, but 11 days of enjoying someone you only get to see once a year goes by in approximately 4 hours of subjective time. It doesn't seem fair.

The kids and I took Daddy to Schiphol this morning. After some minor (but time-consuming) trouble getting his printed ticket, we had a quick cuppa and then waved him off at the passport gate. Nicky cried for him nearly all the way home. "Grampie.... I want my Grampie!" The dog is also depressed. Max says he loved all the card games and we had a nice time talking about what Grampie was like when I was Max's age. The house seems pretty empty this afternoon.

Tomorrow we will take Nicky in for his pre-op informational meeting. Actually, Niek will take him and I will stay home with Rowen. Hopefully it will put our worries to rest. The big day is Wednesday the 17th.

No stitching news to report today.
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