11 August 2005
No real news to share or report tonight. It's been a fairly quiet day, or as quiet as a day can be when you've got three kids who're trapped inside due to the weather. Actually, we did get in a walk this afternoon, armed with umbrellas for "just in case." We all needed some fresh air and a chance to stretch our legs. Rowen's discovered that when she waves at people, they wave back, so now she waves at everything just in case someone is looking. She's such a little ham. Once anyone notices her, she hangs back and puts her head to one side and acts terribly shy and sweet. Even though I've seen her run through this act dozens of times, it even manages to fool me. She charmed everyone within the radius of our walk, and even tried her charms on the cows in a pasture we walk along. I didn't get the impression that the cows were terribly impressed.

Tomorrow I've got to dash into the office for a meeing. Thanks to the ex failing to keep any of his summer visitation hours, I have been unable to get into the office for 6 weeks. Can you believe it? I'm just amazed they don't fire me. Anyway, Max will go in armed with a bag of arts & crafts supplies and I can only hope the meeting won't go on much longer than an hour.

Today I started the charity piece for OECS, a group that organizes lap quilts for nursing home inhabitants. I'm doing "Cat and Fish" from the golden oldie Prairie Schooler leaflet "Barn Cats". This is a design I will definately do again. Probably many times. For my first time out, I'm following the color code pretty faithfully and I'll even follow the chart itself without adding my usual extra bits. These OECS squares are small - 6" x 6" total fabric size, so my design is only about 4"x 3". I'm going to try to squeeze in two squares because they are about half the size I normally do for the kids' quilts. I hope to post the finished "Cat and Fish" tomorrow if I can squeeze in a bit of stitching time after work and before my haircut.

I think I am going to go ahead and have my blog professionally done, regarding the layout & graphics. Ashleigh just had hers done, and I really like the others I've seen, such as Kiwi Jo's. I'd like to go with a Maine/birds/stitching theme - maybe a loon or a chickidee. I'm just not yet 100% sure of how I want it laid out. I definately want a links section down the side for blogs and other websites I really like, and I'd like some sort of link to WIPs/stash/special projects. A little place to talk about what I'm reading now. A little place for a special topic per blog entry, like a new word or a concept that's rattling around in my head. And...?
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