12 August 2005
It's been decided. I've set up the necessary stuff in advance, made contact, and a date has been set to re-do this little corner of my universe. Don't get impatient - the designer is off on holidays and will only be able to take up the commission around the end of the month. But good things come to those who wait, as we all know.

Got a crusher deadline at work today. First time I've seen the project, but all my work has to be turned in by EOD Monday. So guess who is working this weekend? I've already contacted the charity quilt square agency to let them know I'll be running a couple of days later, but it wasn't a problem. Well, it's a problem for me - I really want to get that design done! I'll cheat, I know I will, and sneak in a few hours of stitching when I really should be working. On the bright side, the money will certainly help out with purchasing Niek's birthday gift!
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