24 August 2005
Up too late, but I am up to good
I had intended to post my third cat cross stitch piece tonight, but our Nicky is still a long way from being his normal (i.e. easy) self and I have run up & down the stairs enough times tonight to wear a groove in them. So my current cutie will have to wait before you can see it.

Actually, I contacted Naomi at OECS and told her I'd just do the whole darn quilt. They only need "about 8" squares so I'll do all eight. The request has been sitting since January, and I'd just feel better about it if I knew it was done. (No, I am not a control freak!) Just now my cyberpal Annemarie let me know she might be able to work one in around her other deadlines. So Ms Twigg, somewhere in the UK, will get her quilt before Christmas!

My new design has been in place for most of today, and I'd really like to thank everyone for their kind comments. Thanks for looking! I would also like to thank Jane for saving the sentimental value of the background shot. This is not just a pretty picture, folks; this is where my mom and her sisters grew up, where my grandmother's family goes back for generations. That's a little piece of my history! The view is of Otter Cliffs, in Acadia National Park. My mom's family hails from Otter Creek, within a stone's throw of this beautiful scene. Makes my little virtual home here ever so much more personal.

Now if I were a wise person, I would go to bed. Ask me tomorrow if I did or not....
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  • At Wednesday, 24 August, 2005, Blogger Ashleigh

    Ick, I was up at the same time as you and I feel like hell today! Blegh! Eyes being stretched open by toothpicks feeling etc... I wonder how you are feeling after your late night ? ;P