17 August 2005

Boy am I glad this is over!

This morning, Nicky went in the hospital to have his tonsils & adenoids removed and to have drainage tubes inserted into his ears. He's home now, and resting, but the past hours have been anything but fun.

Niek took Rowen to his parents' house last night so we could focus on Nicky today; Max went to his best friend's house after school (and is now at the beach!). We'll pick them both up before dinner so we'll all be home this evening. I definately do not like the experience of having my children scattered around!

Nicky was a real trooper after the operation, and was up & playing with the exciting new toys in the recovery ward before we left. He was by far the youngest of the kids in his ward, and by far the bravest. He really seems to understand that crying and yelling only make the pain worse, and he's (mostly) very good about taking his drink every quarter to half an hour.

I woke him this morning around 5 so he could get a last drink before the "no intake" rule went into effect, and he decided that was an excellent time to get up. I'd assumed he'd go back to sleep, and so would I, for another hour or so ....

Everyone tells me that once he recovers he will not only stay healther, but also have a lot more energy. If that really turns out to be the case, I may need some jet-propelled rollerblades.

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