26 August 2005
attack of the sinusitis
... or "Bring in the tissues" ...

I can't seem to shake it this time, folks. And I've been good, that's the really annoying part. No diary products (which means no ice cream!). Regular exercise. Reasonable sleeping hours. To no avail. I'll spare you the gory details, so you can uncover your eyes and bravely read on.

I am finishing Bent Creek's "Black Cat" as square number four for the OECS charity quilt. It's a cute design and quite simple, but I'm bored. Of the squares done so far, I think I liked "C - Cats" by Kathy Barrick-Dieter best. Her designs have never bored me, and you change colors often enough to keep it interesting (though not so often that it becomes a pain in ... nose). After this one is done, I think I will take a brief hiatus from felines for a bit and work on another project, probably for my mailart exchange. I have collected such a wonderful array of Halloween charts that I fear my biggest challenge will be to pick just one!

I've also committed to do a Christmas Ornament for Kelsey's Needlecrafts Ornament Tree. I'm pretty sure I'll do the PS stag freebie, but I bet they'll get dozens of those, so perhaps I should do something else. Thanks Ash and Annemarie for clearing up how to do the cording, by the way. I don't want to turn in a shoddy-looking ornament!This year, the proceeds are going to the Early Childhood Counseling Center. If you'd also like to donate one of your Christmas cuties, contact me for more information. They don't have a website, but I do have the contact details.

If you're interested in perhaps doing some charity stitching, Anita at Cyberstitchers has assembled a very handy list at Calling All Stitchers. Thanks Anita! (She's the one who got me started on this very pleasant madness.)

Looping back to Kathy Barrick-Dieter's designs (Carriage House Samplings and Barrick Designs), does anyone know where I can get the N in her alphabet series? I'm trying to assemble the whole alphabet, and currently this one is eluding me. Last night as I lay in bed, in between bouts of blowing my nose, I was trying to envision what project I would do with the whole series. They're not all the same size, which adds a challenge. I thought if I used them as a border they would look really great - some sort of large rectangular form - but what to put in the middle? Maybe a sort of collage of other desings she's done? I also have a few books of the antique patterns that she takes her inspiration from and could pick & choose from those.

I'm feeling so ready to tackle something BIG! Too many little quilt squares? Visions of grandeur brought on by oxygen deprivation? I am working on a "bigger" project for a gift, but I want to go whole hog!

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