25 August 2005
look at Rowen growin'
We're just back from the consultatiebureau (for non-Dutch speakers, that's the community pediatric service) for Rowen's regular check-up. Her last visit was in April and during the past four months our little girl has gained 1.3 kilos (2.8 US pounds) and has grown 6 centimeters (2.4 inches). She now tops out at the considerable size of 32 inches and 26 pounds! (For those who are interested, I use the conversion tool found at measurement conversions.) By Dutch standards and by US growth standards she's on the smallest side of normal. Being tall is overrated anyway!

Now this begs comparison to her brothers, even if it is terribly boring for everyone else. Nicky at this age weighed 32 1/2 pounds and was 34 inches tall. Max's record book has magicked itself into one of those domestic black holes, but it probably didn't contain a length measurement anyway as he'd have screaming fits whenever they tried. Ahhh, those were the days. Not.

So Rowen has grown alot, but she's still the runt of the litter. Takes after her mama.

Here's a picture of my smallest beastie enjoying a good belly laugh.

As far as the development tests go, Rowen wasn't much of a star. At this age the doctor or nurse gives verbal instructions on what the child must do. "Use these blocks to build a tower." "Throw this ball to me." Etc. Well, our Rowen doesn't take instruction very well. She gets this glint in her eye and she will do it HER way, thank you very much. Unfortunately the evaluation doesn't allow for nuances such as 'can but won't' and she simply got negative marks because she didn't do what she was told. I fear she has inherited more from me than my short stature.... As my manager at work will quickly and heartily confirm, just go ask him.

While at the pediatrican's, I unexpectedly ran across a friend I haven't seen in a long while. It has been so long that I assumed she (like all my non-Dutch female friends) had returned to her native country. It was like seeing a ghost, but in a positive sense. It turned out she had been home in South Africa all this while, but sadly because her father had died in an auto accident that also wounded her mother. I was struck dumb. What on earth can a person say that isn't utter drivel? And damn my standoffishness - I really wanted to just give her a hug (which is all I could think that might give me comfort if, heavens forbid, the situation were reversed) but standing there with all these people staring (we were speaking English, which does cause people to goggle) and my own staggering lack of spontaneity, I could only manage to lamely pat her arm while she brushed away her tears. I wish I could just crawl out of my own head & skin sometimes and be the person I want to be! Does anyone else have this? We have agreed to get together, and maybe at that time I will succeed in being the kind of friend I'd like to be.
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