24 August 2005
stash fondling is not a vice

I did get a good start on my next kitty square - The Black Cat by Bent Creek (I am feeling Halloweenish and thought this would still do well for an all-purpose cat square) - but tonight after the kids were in bed, instead of whipping out my stitching and trying for two finishes in one day (right, dream on!) I instead whipped out the charts I recently inherited from an online friend who was done with them. Oh what a windfall! Yes, there are a lot of snowmen (you can only do so many cute snowmen before they become numbingly repetitious) but there's also a couple BoaF, a few Bent Creekies, and other very appealing additions to my stash. So I've been re-organizing everything and thinking about future projects.

Not like I don't have enough stitching to keep me busy without drifting off into daydreams! I have 5 more cat squares and a couple of Christmas ornaments to do for charities. My anniversary is upcoming ('nuff said). I'm doing a Halloween mailart exchange. I've promised my poor Mom so many times I'll finish her garden piece that she must have numb ears. Several dear friends have birthdays coming up. Oh, and there's Christmas. ha ha. What a luxurious "problem" to have - too many wonderful projects to do!

It was a good day on the homefront, too. Max is fully back in the swing of school and constantly refers to it as being fun. Nicky ate more than a wounded birdie today for the first time since his operation (one week ago today!), and Rowen's demands didn't manage to put a crimp in my decent mood. I took all the kids out for ice cream after school because - sit down, this is shocking - the sun was out! Afterwards, everyone played happily (well, almost) until dinnertime! So even if today won't go down in the recordbooks as my first-ever two-finishes-in-one-day, it will linger long in the memory as a very fine day full of sunshine and laughter.

The picture is an old Prairie Schooler freebie I made for a coworker. I thought it reflected today's positivity.
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  • At Thursday, 25 August, 2005, Blogger Lelia

    Your PS is very cool. Isn't it fun to stitch with cheerful colors? Glad to hear your day was awesome. Good stitching!