26 August 2005
meow, or boo?
Here is kitty number four, hot off the iron. This little Bent Creek cutie was quick to stitch, even for slowpoke like me (though the black did get a bit monotonous by the end) and I think it came out looking rather nice.

And now I really do think I will take a short break from kitties. There's no shortage of other projects in the wings.

On a bit of a rant, my neighbors' teenage son is having a party tonight, and will you all please remind me (when my own darlings are teens) NEVER TO ALLOW THIS. The annoyance factor I'm experiencing now is extreme enough to make my eyelid twitch and the only thing that keeps me from storming over there is the fact that I really do like my neighbors very much. Boarding school, now that might not be such a bad idea.
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  • At Friday, 26 August, 2005, Blogger Ashleigh

    Ack! I would be going mad! Are his parents at home??

    After 11 you are entitled to go tell him to shut the *89&* up or you can call the police and they'll play nice (maybe) and do it for you. We have noisy people in our building and we have to call the police all the time ...

  • At Saturday, 27 August, 2005, Blogger terra

    Even though the kitty may have been a little monotonous to stitch I think it turned out really well. Just curious... how long would it take you to stitch something like this? From Terra

  • At Saturday, 27 August, 2005, Blogger Barbara

    Howdy Terra. This would be a good beginner piece if you interested (hint hint!). It took me 2 days. I've heard of other stitchers who could whip it out in an evening, so I assume I must be very slow. Are you interested in trying, or are you going with the knitting instead?

  • At Saturday, 27 August, 2005, Blogger terra

    Since I don't really have anyone here to teach me, I'm not really sure if it is something I can learn on my own? Maybe I need to find a good beginners book or something. I'm really starting to think that stitching is the way to go though.... still thinking lots about which hobby I want to take up.