05 September 2005
i'm still here!
It's been a few crazy days. If you can believe it, I haven't set needle to thread in TWO WHOLE DAYS. I feel very unsettled and restless about this. Yesterday we celebrated the birthday of my DH, though today was the real day. Anyway, a houseful of inlaws ... naturally I had to go through the house cleaning it to a microscopic level. I did cheat this year, though, and bought the cake from the bakery. And the quiche, too. Basically, I only made the chicken soup and salad from scratch. And you know what? Life went on! No implosion of the universe, no thunder crashing from the heavens above. And I didn't spend hours slaving over a hot stove and more hours cleaning it all up. I think I may be on to something here (wicked grin).

And we've all been making the uncomfortable adjustment to our dogless state. It's like he's died and we are all too shy with the change to even mention his name. At dog-walking times, my husband looks around him like he heard something but there's nothing there. The kids are taking it in stride. Probably Nicky is relieved. I will be curious to see how he reacts next time he encounters a dog. Will he be scared? Thanks to everyone for your supportive comments. They are very much appreciated.

We do have a new member of our house, however. I got crazy and bought Niek an XBox for his birthday and a couple of games. So far, he's been good. He *only* played for about 3 hours yesterday, before and after the party. He claims not to have played at all tonight while I was at fitness, but I didn't feel the TV for warmth to double check. LOL!

I am going to stitch tomorrow no matter what! Tomorrow is Tuesday - time for Good Things, which really needs some speed stitching done on it!
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