01 September 2005
september's top ten
1. Get a lot more done on “Good Things”.
2. Complete my Halloween mailart exchange project.
3. Get the names stitched on the twin’s birth samplers and mail those out.
4. Stitch a birth gift for a friend’s baby (due end of this month).
5. Complete the house section of Mom’s French garden sampler.
6. Complete the other squares required to complete the lap quilt for OECS.
7. Compose an original envelope for Sylkamode competition.
8. Make a start graphing out a sampler based on Grandma Davis’ sayings.
9. Enter one competition stitching piece.
10. Don’t buy any new stash/supplies unless they are truly needed for a project.

today the mail fairy did not make me happy

My order from Stitching Bits and Bobs finally arrived, but oh what a state it arrived in! I’d ordered three charts, some of my favorite #28 petite needles, and my first-ever Q-Snap. Well, you can’t just shove all these in an envelope and hope it arrives several thousand miles away in good shape. The charts were quite badly damaged. Not actually ruined – you can still read them – but they look like they’ve been lining my couch cushions and getting trampoline tryouts from all three of my kids. So I sent an email off with a complaint and a caution that a simple piece of corrugated cardboard would’ve prevented this from happening without inflating postage costs. I didn’t expect to hear anything more about it and thought I’d “lost” yet another online source of supplies due to slipshod mailing practices.

Wrong! Bobbie emailed me promptly from Stitching Bits & Bobs and offered me a credit to offset the damaged merchandise. And voila! My slightly tattered faith in human nature was largely restored. Thanks, Bobbie!

So here’s a fairy tale that has a happy ending after all!

Tonight I started one of my new charts ("Sweet Dreams", pictured) using my new Q-Snaps. I like them! I got the 11" square ones and I'm hooked!
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