04 September 2005
Although it's my husband's birthday, it's a bit somber in our house today. Yesterday we had to take our French bulldog, Xavier, to the animal shelter after he again bit one of the children. This time he went for Nicky's face and got ahold of him just above the eye. Thank heavens he wasn't 1/4 of an inch lower. We've had Xavier for 3 1/2 years. Sadly, although French bulls are supposed to be outstanding with kids (which is why we chose that breed), Xavier grew more unhappy as our family expanded. After Rowen's birth he began snapping at the boys and broke the skin a few times. Then about 3 months ago he gave Nicky a very nasty bite on the hand and we agreed that this was "the last time." We had long talks with our vet and an animal trainer, but the problem seemed to be simply that Xavier is a very atypical Frenchie. We'd hoped that the problem had resolved itself, but yesterday as I was petting him on the floor he lunged at Nicky for no reason and bit him in the face. Fortunatly, other than a very nasty gash, black eye, and swelling, Nicky is fine. I explained the situation to the lady at the shelter and she assured me they would be able to find Xavier the kind of home he'd be happy in, and that they would not give him to a family with children. We miss him, in spite of everything. I've looked for him in his favorite snoozing spots countless times already and out kitty, Spin, has been mewling around the house trying to turn up his play buddy.

We miss you, Xavier, and wish you well.
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