09 September 2005
my first toy!

After work today, I scribbled out how I thought a stuffed block would go together and cut the fabric pieces accordingly. After laying our wild beasties down to bed, after a very necessary bath, I started sewing. A whopping 2 1/2 hours (and one broken gold-plated needle!) later, here's the result.

Even though I measured carefully, twice, and cut as if it were surgery, my corners didn't meet up exactly right. Why's that? I also see that this would've benefitted greatly from some interface to stiffen it up, but I didn't have any at home and didn't realize what a big help it would've been. Next time! I suspect there might also be better stuffing than the cotton batting I used, but what?

In any case, I suspect that Marissa will have fun with it. It's soft and cute and in sweetly girlish colors. If she's a got a wild streak like our Rowen, it also throws quite nicely. LOL!!

Anyone out there who could/would provide constructive criticism, please do! I would like to do this again, for our nursery. Although the block is flawed, I like the idea enough to want to do it again ... but better!
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