08 September 2005
prairie schooler pull toy

Here is my first-ever same-day finish. As recently mentioned, I am a s-l-o-w stitcher, in spite of my efforts to whiz right along. But today, another Dutch transplant, from Canada, called me out of the blue to ask me to her daughter's 2nd birthday party. Begged, is more like it. She hasn't made many friends here and when her Dutch in-laws made other plans during her daughter's birthday, she was suddenly in the odd position of having a party with no one to invite. Of course I said yes, even though we already have about 100 things to do on Saturday, and furthermore I felt compelled to make something special. So I whipped out my needle and this nice little piece of 'light mocha' 28 ct cashel linen I had stashed and managed to get this little charmer done in between nosebleeds, luncheon guests, tumbles off the tricyle, and the usual chaos & mayhem.

I would really like to finish it off as a stuffed pulltoy (albeit a tiny one). Anyone out there have any brilliant ideas? My imagination far outstrips my talents, sadly, and I will probably wind up finishing this as a rather boring little pillow or sachet.
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