14 September 2005
sometimes life can suprise you
I have just enjoyed a wonderful afternoon and evening with 'long lost friends' that I first met here in Holland (soon after I arrived here) but who departed for Canada soon thereafter. We haven't seen each other in about 7 years, and even our email exhange had dwindled away over the years. But this year they managed to come back to visit family still here, and even fit little ol' me into their schedule! What a really wonderfully enjoyable time we've had together! I had forgotten how fun Michelle is, and had no idea that Cor was also a very fun guy. And what a treat to sink back into English as it's spoken 'back home'. Although Michelle is Canadian, she's from the part of Canada just above the part of Maine I'm from (we are now talking American distances - to the Dutch, the two areas would seem very far apart!) so the accents and cultural contexts and such are quite similiar. The kids loved them, and they were great with the kids. Niek was pretty surprised to come home and find 'strangers' at the dinner table, but handled it with his usual good nature and friendliness.

I'd given up on ever seeing Michelle again, let along indulging in a nearly a whole day of pleasant conversation and great company. So it just goes to show that indeed, sometimes life can surprise you.

Here are pictures of my recent acquisitions. That stunning blue is my Silkweaver FOTM, a 28 ct Lugana Solo that is really gorgeous (and I don't even like blue!). The other goodies are from an eBay win, and although I promised not to buy anything this month, I won these items for under $30 including international shipping. I'd be an idiot to regret that! Pictured are an 18x13 inch cut of 40 ct Dark Chino fabric by R&R Reproductions, 6 skeins of assorted pastel/neutral Needle Necessities, and 6 skeins of Needlepoint Silk in assorted colors. These are from an excellent seller on eBay that I've bought from before, if you are looking for a safe place to buy similiar items. (Contact me for her eBay name.)
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