22 September 2005
hearts & flowers

I don't know if Kathy Barrick-Dieter would still recognize it, but this is "Hearts & Flowers" by Carriage House Samplings. I've been using my own selection of Silk N' Colors, primarily in an autumn palette. I had this amazing Silkweaver Solo (April FOTM) that was exactly what I wanted. The colors are a little more hectic here than in reality, but my camera is having a nervous breakdown.

The kids are still sick. Argh. My mom called today from Arizona. Hooray! She's gone to visit my brother and his family, taking along two of her sisters. How cool is that, a tour of the American southwest with your siblings?

The RR that Annemarie proposed is shaping up really fast. We've already got 8 stitchers with a possibly 9th. Then we're full up. We'll start stitching in January and this is going to be a very cool project. More details to follow.

Now it is midnight and I have a full day at the office tommorrow, so I am going to be sensible and get myself in bed.
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