18 September 2005
finally a finish

It took longer than it should've due to real life occassionally getting in the way of my stitching, but the finished product is worth the wait. Now to get it framed ... do it myself again, or shell out the big bucks for a pro? The thing is, I'm not totally convinced the professional does much better than I do. (No, I am not bragging, I'm saying he really doesn't knock my socks off with his skills.)

I stitched this 2-over-2 on 32 ct antique ivory Belfast linen using most of the GAST fibers called for. Ran short on dried thyme, however, and substituted WDW butter bean (which was probably to light). Too bad the LNS around here only stocks DMC!

This will hang in the nusery of some friends, Eric & Ingrid, who are expecting their first child any day now! Eric has seen the design, so this was a sort of pre-arranged gift.
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