30 September 2005
meditating on the prairie
My great Aunt Hattie, last of my grandma's sisters, will receive this project for Christmas. It's the wee beginings of "Garden Sampler" from the Band Samplers leaflet released by Prairie Schooler. I'm stitching it on a 28 count mystery linen from a Willow Fabrics grab bag. It's a kind of weird linen, with some sort of treatment that makes the back side of the linen all streaky. First time I've encountered a fabric that truly has a "wrong" side. Anyway, my wonderful husband picked the pattern and fabric because I simply couldn't make my mind up. I wanted to make them ALL for Aunt Hattie! (Actually, Niek couldn't decide between this sampler and the ""Rabbit Sampler" from Garden Verses - I chose this one because my mom and Aunt Hattie have a vegetable garden together, and there's a veggie garden in this sampler.)

This afternoon I went to Utrecht by train with Max, at his request. He had a free day of school and the deal was, I would work the morning and in the afternoon we'd do what he wanted. He loves the trains! On the trip home we got caught up in the commuter crush and couldn't sit together. We all hear the stories of how rude people are now, especially on trains & subways, so it's my pleasure to tell a story from the other side. Two total strangers gave up their seats so my son could sit beside the window and I could sit beside him! Thanks, folks, for reminding me (and showing my son) that the human animal can be full of goodness & generosity!

Another very bright note: Just before midnight, our friends Eric and Ingrid had a healthy baby boy named Sven! Everyone is doing well and we can't wait to meet the new Earthling. LOL. But I better get his "Sweet Dreams" gift framed!
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