29 September 2005
hoping to catch up on some rest
Tonight Niek and I are trying to get to bed before midnight for a change. Getting that "Rocky in the 8th round" feeling after a kind of grueling week.

Last night I started a new Prairie Schooler project (which I will post a picture of tomorrow night) for my great Aunt Hattie. I've managed to miscount almost every row so far, so it's off to rather a slow start. Maybe after a decent night's sleep it'll pick up speed.

My mom is back home in Maine after enjoying a great time with my 'baby' brother and his family down in Arizona. My father is awaiting new RV parts Needles (his clever email title was "Sewed up in Needles" LOL). Haven't heard from my dad yet, but he's still on the road.

Thanks to everyone for their kind comments in my last couple of postings. Nicky's birth sampler was a learning process because I didn't really know what I was doing when I started it. But it was done with love and fun, and I have happy memories of the stitching hours every time I look at it. The "Hearts & Flowers" chart is great - lots of fun to stitch! I can happily recommend it to anyone who's wondering about buying it. I'll post another picture soon.

And if Jessica, or any other long-lost family or friends is reading this, please contact me! It's so wonderful to become reconnected after so many years apart. Isn't the Internet great?!
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