05 October 2005
am I lookin' good?
Nah, I haven't suddenly begun noticing mirrors & other reflective surfaces, I mean Is my little virtual niche looking good.

A couple of months back, the HTML good fairies at Design-A-Blog re-created my blog look to reflect the 'real me' (no fat pants or sweatshirts, either!) and now these talented artists are offering an interesting incentive:

This is how it works.
1. You put our button on your site.
(I did! Scroll down my sidebar.)
2. Two people come to us, having visited your site, ask and pay for a new blog design.
(That would be the part YOU do, Dear Reader.)
3. We give you a blog design of your own, FOR FREE!
(This can also be given as a gift to another blogger.)

But I'm also just so darn happy with what Lisa and Jane have done for me that this is really just a reminder of what they can do for YOU!
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