04 October 2005
tying up loose ends with good deeds

I just got my quilt squares sent to OECS today. They are a full week late, but last week all the kids and Niek were ill, so it was a 'lost' week. I also got my box of stuffed toys sent out for distribution among the child victims of Hurricane Katrina. For more about this wonderful initiative please read Zoanna's blog. The toys are also a week late, but I shipped them priority so they will arrive well ahead of the deadline. (And I am once again lining the deep pockets of the postal service!)

With the never-ending rounds of illness, it's been hard to find time to stitch. I did get some stitching and re-stitching done on "Hearts & Flowers" on Sunday while poor Niek spent the day in bed. I need to get this one wrapped up this week if I'm going to have it professionally framed. The clock is ticking loudly!(The colors are more subdued than they appear here.)

I am also eager to do my charity Christmas ornament. Lots of organizations are collecting ornaments - Anita has provided a great list over at Cyberstitchers. I'm sending this year's ornament to Kelsey's Tree, as I had promised them one way back in the spring.

I'm also doing a quilt square for the Hurricane Katrina Quilt Project, though I have not decided on the design yet. New Orleans holds a special place in my heart - I cherish the memories of the time I spent down there, and I am a dyed-in-the-wool blues fan. So I want to do something extra-special. Speaking of Katrina, have you all gotten your lovely free download from M Designs? If not, sign up now.

I'm also eager to get busy with the big RR that a few stitchy friends are putting together. We're building our own neighborhoods - cool, huh? There are (or will be) nine of us in the group, and each will stitch one house (or other building) on each person's neighborhood. So 9 houses total. It'll run over a year, but what a treasured heirloom will result from the labors! So far, we're a very international bunch: USA, Netherlands, Germany, and Australia are represented. And probably a couple more that I've missed.
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