06 October 2005
making lemonade

Yes, yesterday became rather discouraging with the near constant ripping ... so following common sense (my own and that of helpful readers), I spent today working on something different and ignored the deadline for Hearts & Flowers. I had promised one Christmas ornament for charity, and since there are many other also asking for ornaments I just kept going. Here are the 4 I've worked on today, though the fourth isn't finished (ABC Santa by Prairie Schooler). I think I will use the two PS designs for one double-sided ornament and the other two (taken from a Danish OOP booklet I found) for another. They are tiny pieces, all roughly 40 by 40, stitched over two on the identical pieces of 32 ct evenweave (jobelan?) from my ho-hum Silkweaver grab bag.

Life gave me some lemons and I decided to make lemonade today. Enjoy!
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