09 October 2005
Probably everyone else knows about this stitching technique, but it's new to me. I've been busy with silks and have been frustrated at getting them to lay flat and nice. While I was looking up how I could finish my Christmas ornaments, I came across a brief mention of railroading stitches to force them to lay flat. Basically, you come down between your two threads with your needle and the pesky little fellas are forced flat. I'm working on a little something now and have done this faithfully, each and every stitch, and I'm really excited by how great it looks. The downside is, it's taking me about 3 times longer than normal stitching!

What do you do?
Not sweat the small stuff and be happy with reasonably tidy stitching (my method till now)?
Do you use a laying tool? If so, what kind? I hold my frame (Q Snap or hoop) with one and and stitch with the other, so I'd need something that would work that way. Or does anyone else use this method of stitching? (And if so, will I ever get faster at it?)

Sadly, no picture tonight although I am terribly tempted to put in some little piece of my current project. Maybe next time.
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