21 October 2005
one over one
So after my railroading experiment I've decided to do some one-over-one stitching on 28 ct linen. It's coming along well and I do love the teensy, weensy details. But, sadly, I can't show it to you yet! It's a gift for someone special who peeks in here regularly.

I have so enjoyed this little gem, however, that I've decided to undertake a large 1-over-1 project this winter. I guess I feel 'closer' to the tiny results because I barely make it to 5' 3" in my shoes.

It is raining here, though gently. After weeks of unnatural but extremely welcome & appreciated sunshine, our normal autumn weather has returned. Having some rain after lots of sunny days actually isn't too bad. When I'm inside, it feels very cozy to look outside and see the darker greens and browns and know that I'm warm & dry. Of course biking anywhere in this weather leaves a lot to be desired. I have been trying to bike more often - the gas prices make me very aware of our over-dependence on this limited energy source - but I won't bike with the kids in the rain. They get sick often & easy enough as it is!

Speaking of my wee beasties, two new humans have entered the race! Congratulations go out to Eric & Ingrid, who have a beautiful baby boy named Sven. Ingrid even dared let me hold him for a bit, which I really enjoyed. He will recieve his "Sweet Dreams" project (pictured in an earlier post) this weekend, as the framing shop just called to say it's ready to pick up. Pete and Olma Kimball have also gifted the world with the addition of their beautiful baby girl, Shaera Kimball Arangu. Pete is one of Sara's sons, and she nearly received her first granddaughter on her own birthday! Congratulations to all, and to everyone else I'd like to wish a happy un-birthday in the fine tradition of the Mad Hatter and March Hare!
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