07 December 2005
was it worth it?
You bet it was!

I stayed up too late. I intended to get a lot done on Max's pirate ship but I made a miscount (how did I mix up 1.5 stitches with 3 stitches? Where was my brain?) and ambled over to the computer to see what everyone else was doing. In between reading blogs and email, I talked to Gilbert, who was practicing his dive-bombing flying technique, scaring himself silly and making me duck. (Hey, there's a funny pun ...)Anyway, while I was over here goofing off and not finishing the ship, Silkweaver updated their Odds and Ends page. And then updated it again after I fired of an email that the links weren't working! And my perseverence paid off - I got a quarter yard of Hog Wild Blue by R&R Reproductions - I have wanted this color since the first time I saw it! It called to me, "Barbara ... Barbara ... you claim you don't like blue, but that was before you saw me ...." I also scooped a gorgeous piece of Black Forest Lakeside Linen that is perfect for 1807 Sheep by the Goode Huswife. Okay, we are turning a blind eye to the fact that I recently swore I would not buy any more stash. You didn't hear it here. (Oh, not a pun, but a fun homophone!)

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