05 December 2005
thank you so much
Hi everyone. Thank you all so much for your supportive comments. I was so freaked out last night by the whole experience. We have two nursing homes in town - this one, which is very near my house, and another one a bit further on - and I will call the coordinater at the other one to see if we can set something up for the birthday gifts. I know that the residents would rather have actual company than anything else, but given the ages of my younger two kids that just isn't someting I can do right now. Have you ever taken toddlers to a hospital or nursing home? I have, and it quickly becomes a game of 'chase the kid'. Also, not all older people are automatically enamored of busy, noisy little children.

I also need to set the record straight regarding the coordinater's name. I couldn't think of it when I was blogging, so I wrote Coordinater Ditzy but I was being facetious. Since she never managed to call me back or schedule appointments or remember that I was confined by my kids' schedules, I kept muttering about what a ditz she was. Her real name is not Ms Ditzy. I won't put her real name here out of respect for her privacy, though. I can not imagine what her aim was last night, but all she did was close the door on one tiny bit of possible happiness for a few of the residents. I'm not saying I could've improved anyone's quality of life or anything grand, but I do think it could've brought a few moments of happiness to someone.

On a happier note:
Today is Sinterklaas! Tonight is pakjesavond, when the children will be surprised by gifts and candies and possibly even by the Saint and his Zwarte Pieten! We have not arranged for a Saint and Pieten, but last night Niek made a wonderful "surprise" (a cardboard elephant) for the kids to contain our big gift to them (a day at the zoo). This afternoon, we are also going to look for a video camera - thanks to my Mom, who knew we needed one and sent us the money for it. Thanks Momsie! Hopefully we will start our new video library with Sinterklaas footage! And if it has the capacity for still photos, I will post another entry with pictures of tonight's festivities. Our poor Nikon will go to the digital doctor for approximately 6 weeks, according to the shop in town.

Max has asked for sushi for dinner and worn all his favorite clothes - at once. He cuts quite a striking figure! LOL
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