26 November 2005
Thanksgiving Saturday
We celebrated Thanksgiving today at the home of some friends in Nijmegen. What a treat! Gene is a truly gifted cook (that turkey would melt in your mouth!) and Monique is an easy-going, very likable person. Their kids, Jake and Skylar are great! On the drive home we got caught in a snowstorm, which added a bit of suspense to the drive, but it was so beautiful. And it really made it like Thanksgiving for me - growing up in Maine, it seemed to always snow on Thanksgiving, especially if we had to travel anywhere. Unfortunately I did not have a camera with me, since our digital is nearly dead.

When we got home, we were soon met by Eric, Ingrid and little Sven. Eric & Ingrid are out on their first "date" since Sven's birth 8 weeks ago. Sven is the little fella I sitched "Sweet Dreams" by La-D-Da for (pictures are back in the archives somewhere). Now you might think that I would be the first to scoop up a cuddly little baby ... but then you wouldn't know Niek. Sven made a little burbling noise and that was all the excuse Niek needed to swoop in and snuggle the little guy up! Spin, our kitty, couldn't miss out, either.

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