16 November 2005
cat-crazy bookaholics
Together, Niek and I have somewhere around 3000 books in our library (not counting the children's books). When I was younger, there weren't many people around me who liked to read for fun - I was always being told to get my nose out of that book! But my Aunt Cindy loved to read. She could beat almost anyone at Scrabble. She loved cats (and all animals). She didn't eat meat. She was sort of my alternative hero when I was growing up, and we still enjoy the chances we have to get together. These two bookmarks will go out in tomorrow's mail for a little something under her tree this Christmas. I've jokingly warned Cathy that it's also been practice so I can contribute to next year's bookmark collection efforts for adult literacy - LOL. I finished these with a simple hemstitch and fringe. I'm not yet confident enough of my skills to try something more advanced. My bookmark-making has improved though, when I look back on the first two I tried. (These are numbers 3 and 4 - I'm still a baby at it!)

Here at home it's rained nearly all day. And rained hard! When it stops, the birds all come out and start running through the fallen leaves - are they looking for food? Playing? Just stretching their legs from being cooped up? I can relate to stretching their legs - this was a day off school for Max and with all three kids in our tiny house, I needed to get out, too! I gave each child an umbrella and we walked down to the local grocery store when it was only drizzling. Rowen nearly blew away with her umbrella and finally resorted to dragging it behind her. Nicky used his as a battling ram against any bushes or hedges he encounted. Max just ran with his, enjoying the feeling of resistance it gave. Two sacks of apples and one loaf of bread heavier, we headed for home. I can't complain, as this is the real Dutch autumn weather and we've simply been very fotunate with the sunny skies, mild temperatures, and dry weather.

Hope this finds you all well & happy!
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