13 November 2005
it wouldn't be sunday
. . . if I didn't have something finished to show you. This is Aunt Hattie's Christmas gift - Drawn Thread's "For the Birds." Those of you who have stitched this before will notice that I've left off the two embellishments and changed some colors. This will become a pillow for her blue sofa in her blue living room, so I used more blues than the green/blue called for. I thought the dangling charms would just get in the way if she were to lean back on the pillow. I also made a goof in the border, though I'll be darned if I can trace back exactly where it happened. It's a pretty minor goof, and hopefully she won't notice it.

Sorry the picture lists to the side - I thought I had it straight on the scanner, but obviously I didn't. Good thing I never succeeded in my dream of becoming a carpenter - anything I built would be like the house that Jack built. LOL

Our Nikon CoolPix is apparently on borrowed time. Niek took it to the shop yesterday and they clucked over it and warned that it would need to be sent away, would probably take at least 6 weeks, and will almost surely cost over 150 euro to repair. Niek thinks we should go for a new one, but this was a birthday gift (from him) and I'm absurdly attached to it. What do you use, those of you who have digital cameras?

We've had a lovely Sunday here. The kids were great, and Nicky even let us wash his hair tonight without having to hold him down (joking! but usually he does put up a fight). Max asked me out of the blue if I knew who the best mother in the world was, after me. I gave up, and he announced "Grammie!" So there you have it, from the mouths of babes. Mom, you're great!
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