03 November 2005
tight fit
The twins' birth gifts are finally ready to be posted, though I fear I won't make it to the post office today. It's Thursday, which means I have 4 kids here for the afternoon ... that postal lady I had last time will run screaming if she sees me coming with "extra" kids!

The pieces are a bit of a tight fit with the mat, but either the mat cutter or I mis-measured (probably me) and the cross stitch pieces (which are mounted on another piece of matboard) are a bit too small for the frames without the edging mat. So... Does it look okay?

The twins for whom these were created are absolutely adorable. The mommy, my friend Kelli, sent me this Halloween picture of the boys dressed up as Care Bears. Have you ever seen anything cuter?

Kelli is a friend from way back in 6th grade. Though we fell out of touch for many years, she looked me up & contacted me a couple of years ago and we've really enjoyed emailing back & forth since then. I can't wait to meet these little sweeties in person when we visit Maine again next summer!
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