01 November 2005
floss floozies!
Awhile back, Maria was making me terribly envious with her talk of amazing bargain finds. Like whole baggies full of DMC floss on sale for 99 cents with an additional 20% reduction. She and her friend bought a "lifetime supply" (as if that's possible - LOL) and dubbed themselves the Floss Floozies. I told her I would never make it to floss floozie-hood because Dutch people never sell anything cheap. (I say that with a certain amount of admiration for my adopted - or adoptive - country.) Well, you can't imagine my surprise when the mailman brought me a fat envelope just stuffed with yummy DMC floss! For a laugh, she left the price tags on to prove that she really was telling the truth. What a deal!

Now I really wish I could stitch with my toes. Annemarie also sent me some charts today for the house RR we are going to do after the Christmas holidays.

The mailman is almost back in my good graces. There is still the LHN freebie that Cathy sent me ages ago that he never delivered....
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