22 October 2005
fun times during rainy days
Wow, everyone has had such nice things to say about Hearts & Flowers - thank you all so much! I considered beginning the finishing last night while Niek was at table tennis, but I was awfully tired and fearful of making a mistake, so instead I finished my little teeny over-one project. Well, I finished the stitching. This weekend I will work on the the actual finishing. I've received some wonderful tips from friends & well-wishers on how to do a better job with my finishing this time around.

I fear I can't post a picture today, though, as the eensy weensy cutie is a gift for a friend. Oh dear. I do so love putting in pictures! Hopefully my railroading project will whiz through the international mails and I can soon post that one.

I have had a WONDERFUL time trying new things and I so appreciate everyone's comments. I started blogging because I wanted to meet some friends with similiar interests - the reality of blogging has just been incredible. I have met so many wonderful people online, learned so much, and seen such lovely projects. I feel like I belong to a big, cozy circle of friends. Thanks.

Oh, a special greeting today for my great Aunt Hattie who just underwent cataract surgery at 86. When spring returns to northeastern Maine, she will once again be able to enjoy the many birds that visit her dozens of bird feeders hung in the backyard. My mom's description of Aunt Hattie's protective eye patch have my boys imagining her as a swash-buckling pirate figure! (Picture lifted from here.)
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