25 October 2005
a polite request

When Max saw my completed Halloween envelope, he politely asked for a Christmas envelope. The kids know that I'm a total sucker for a polite request. And his flattery didn't hurt matters either! So I set to it on Sunday and finished it today (I can't stitch on Monday - too hectic!). He hasn't even seen it yet because school's still in session. I was really pleased with his reaction to my progress, but his ulterior motive soon became apparent. "Can we put it with my stocking on Christmas Eve?" he asked in his sweet voice. "Sure!" I answered. "Do you want Santa to see it?" "I want him to put something in it!" he exclaimed. (Don't worry, Santa, it isn't TOO big! LOL)I finally stopped laughing long enough to finish the stitching.

This was a Lizzie*Kate freebie entitled "Snowman's Holiday" that attracted Max by the bright colors & star. I changed the original verse ("My Christmas tis of thee") but used the original lettering and layout style. I also added Kreinik gold blending filament under the star stitches - it didn't scan, but the star really twinkles like gold, which will thrill Max to no end. I can't claim that L*K is one of my favorites (rather dull, those big blocks of color) but the end effect is certainly bright & cheery. Max also chose the 22 ct light blue Softana fabric, which was sort of like Aida with a drape to it.

This was a radical change from my last project, which was over-one on 28 ct antique ivory linen. It's a gift, but perhaps I can sneak in a teeny peek .... (I guess I'm an exhibitionist!)

The autumn weather has set in with a vengenance here. The first couple of days of rain didn't bother me - seemed rather cozy sitting inside, and going out was a bit of an adventure - but it is beginning to wear on me. I am such an outdoor person. You'd think that after 8 years here, I'd be fully acclimatized to the weather. Not.

But our weather is nothing compared to that received by areas in the hurricane-hit areas. My dad just weathered his first-ever hurricane (Wilma) with nothing beyond some stress and downed tree branches. Here's hoping that hurricane season has finally ended for 2005. Mother Nature, we've had enough!
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