22 October 2005
my niche
You've all visited me in my virtual niche, so (as requested :-)) here is a glimpse of my where I actually do my stitching (when I am not trailing it behind the kids, or sitting at the table with Niek while he plays online chess, or doing it in the car, or ... well, you get the idea).

We have two couches, and although the blue one fits me better, the yellow one gets more light. Our bookcase-cum-entertainment-area holds my DMC floss, working copies, WIPs, and completed pieces that haven't been framed or finished.

Upstairs in our bedroom I have a bureau that I stole from the kids wherein I keep my stash of specialty fibers, buttons & beads, evenweaves, finishing fabrics, etc. In my own closet I have an Ikea shopping bag (which will hold a toddler) with my linens and hand-dyeds. And in a truly massive shopping bag that my in-laws used to hold Nicky's ride-on car, I have all my other patterns. I don't come close to BeckySC's thousands of patterns (yet! wink), but I do have enough to embarass myself. I need a better storage system for the charts, but this will neccesitate buying a piece of furniture and that's a family affair around here. Our house is so small and full already that any large purchases have to be carefully considered. (The mess on the table is the preliminary stage of Max's Christmas envelope.)
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