03 November 2005
before I do one more thing
I've had a bit of an energy ebb the last couple of days, but last night I "went to bed with the chickens" as the Dutch say. Niek was still reading to Max when I said goodnight and tucked myself in. I woke up feeling slightly better than roadkill, so I may do that again tonight.

And now that I've got the wits to put one foot in front of the other without tripping, I want to say thank you to some special friends.

Cathy, thank you ever so much for your perserverence! The postman snuck an envelope in that you posted only 4 days ago (!) with two wonderful LHN freebies. "Two Sheep" is just too adorable!

Lelia, thank you for your generosity and all the time at the computer you have spent scanning in freebies for me! Here in Europe, it is nearly impossible to get the freebies that are normally distributed by LNS's. And many designers, such as Little House Needleworks, require a SASE to send freebies, which is a problem if you don't have acceess to American stamps. Thanks, Lelia, for putting me 'back in the loop!'.

Thanks to Juul for showing me the error of my ways - there is waste canvas here! The woman at my LNS told me it does not exist in the Netherlands and said I would have to purchase regular linen and use that. I am very glad, in this instance, to be wrong! And I will check out the framer in Maasluis, too!

And thank you all for coming here to visit me and leave comments - your support really & truly makes my day!

This morning I put the finishing stitches on the twins' birth pieces, which I will frame today. I'll post the pictures as soon as the project is done.

Wishing you all a supercalifragilistic day!
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