10 November 2005
lilac - love it or hate it
Thank you for your suggestions on things to do with the lilac ice opalescent fabric. My problem isn't in thinking up new projects, but simply in the fact that I do not like the color at all. Stronger yet, I really dislike the color! Once again, if anyone wants to trade, please contact me. Otherwise I will probably toss it out on eBay and see what happens.

I have been stitching, though not enough, the last couple of days. I'm having a good time with "For the Birds" and am having fun imagining what I will do for my next project. I mean, which design I will ultimately go with. I know who it's for and what it will be, but not which design. I tend to be very spontaneous when choosing a design. Do you do that too, or do you plan it all out ahead of time?

And what about stitching things not to your taste? Like this dratted lilac ice - sure I could do any number of things with it, but I can't stand to do a project that I don't enjoy. That means I need to like the design, the fabric, the fibers, etc. Makes charity quilt squares a challenge as I would rather have someone pull out my toenails than stitch a Precious Moments design. (Just my taste! I think the ones I've seen done by other stitchers look great!!)

I hope this finds everyone well and happy!
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  • At Thursday, 10 November, 2005, Blogger Lelia

    Hi Barbara: I stitched For the Birds (drawn thread) last Christmas. I gave it to my Mother-in-Law & she really liked it. My favorite was the cat among birds .... Enjoy!

  • At Friday, 11 November, 2005, Blogger Zoanna

    How did you acquire this fabric you detest? I personally love the color. Don't know what I'd do with it right off the bat. What is the fabric content? If it's washable I would make a drawstring bag w/ it for charity.

  • At Friday, 11 November, 2005, Blogger Barbara

    Zoanna, Silkweaver says their fabrics are all washable. I haven't tried washing them, though.

    I don't actually detest the color, I just don't like it and won't use it myself.

    I hadn't thought of turning it into a charity project as-is.