14 November 2005
jack frost came to visit
Brrr! I wasn't ready for it, even though it is mid-November!

This morning we woke to a winter wonderland of frosted trees & plants, steaming waterways, and crunchy footsteps. I discovered I didn't have a scraper for our "new" car (Niek's lease car from work) and my hands took forever to warm up again. The kids were entranced by the changed landscape, which made the frost-tipped fingers much easier to bear/bare (forgive the pun!). (Credit for today's picture.)

Thank you all for your kind comments regarding Aunt Hattie's pillow. I hope to make the time after fitness tonight to do the finishing so I can get it in tomorrow's mail. Then it's on to the next project! Though I have kind of over-extended myself, I'm very enthusiastic about the things I have yet to do. The hardest part is simply picking which one to do next!
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  • At Monday, 14 November, 2005, Blogger Von

    You're on a roll, Barbara!! Keep it going :)))
    I have to get my smocked ornament finished (the stitching portion) before my guild meeting Thursday. At the meeting we will be learning the finishing together.