22 November 2005
no car, but wonderful mail
The kids and I are just about to walk over to Max's school to pick him up (our car is in for the annual check-up) but before I leave I wanted to share with you what the mailman brought today.

First is a hand-written note from the organizer of the Healthy Families Charity that I sent an ornament to. Ms Toch wrote me a thank you note and included some pictures of the kids who are helped through her charity. What a kind & thoughtful gesture! No one seems to still write notes by hand ...

And after much waiting, my last Silkweaver order came in. I'd ordered 5 pieces of the lovely Lakeside Linen they had on their Odds & Ends page a few weeks back and here they are!! That amazing gold piece (Autumn Gold) is already spoken for - you'll be seeing it again in a few weeks looking very different!

Thanks for visiting!
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