21 November 2005
the 'book book'
Max loves his new book - he enthusiatically pointed out the things he liked best about it this morning. My signature inside had him puzzled, as I signed it "Mom" - he didn't recognize the American spelling. It's always such a shock to me when I realize that our kids have so little exposure to American culture in spite of our attempts to have a truly dual-cultural home. Anyway, Max learned a new word and is very enthusiastic about having his very own custom-created book. Thanks you all for your nice comments - and Von, I'll let you know if it actually helps improve his handwriting!
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  • At Monday, 21 November, 2005, Blogger Von

    As a homeschool mom, handwriting has been an issue over the years. After all, I have lots of schoolwork to look at! Only 3 of my 7 children have what I consider to be good handwriting - the oldest and youngest dds and the older of my twin boys. Nothing I did with the others worked very well - guess it's important to some people and not to others, lol!