23 November 2005
mailart complete! and other announcements

Last night I finished up my Christmas MA. The deadline isn't until Dec. 5th, but that's a holiday here and because I know how difficult it can be for "weird" mail to reach its destination in a timely fashion, I'm going to mail it now. I also used a different, more secure method of closing the envelope - after the envelope was completely finished, I laced the 'flap' of the envelope to the body of the envelope with a piece of bright red floss that I then carried over to the center of the back and tied it in a bow. Wendy can untie/unlace the red thread or simply cut the extra lacings on the side. I'm quite pleased with it. Enclosed are a Christmas card and a few different types of fibers.

Thanks everyone for leaving a comment. I will spare you the terror of racy photos. Truth be told, I am very pleased with my profile picture. Much more flattering than my passport picture.

gobble gobble
Thanksgiving and Christmas are the two most difficult holidays for me to be so far from my (American) family and friends. And since Thanksgiving isn't celebrated here, it's an especially lonely day. Today Niek's been called out on a work thing, so I've eaten dinner alone with the kids, but I did try to get into the spirit of it by having a "leftover" baked chicken sandwich on white toast with gravy. I hope everyone back home is having a wonderful day and remembering to give each other the big hugs from me. A friend of mine unexpectedly lost her husband last week, so although I am too far away from you all, I am very grateful that we are able to communicate and remind each other of how much we love one another.
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