25 November 2005
It is snowing and sleeting and blowing and raining here - it's a winter wildland!

Last night I hung out with my Dad, in spirit. Pretty Woman was on TV and although Julia Roberts is definately not an idol of mine, I decided to watch the movie because it is one of my Dad's favorites (my dad - like my husband - is something of a hopeless romantic when it comes to happy endings). It was pretty cozy, stitching and imagining his comments. I certainly enjoyed the movie more than when I'd seen it before, and even Julia's comment about her 80-something inches of leg didn't drive me up the wall (at not-quite 63 inches of total length, the concept of 80+ inches of legs is just wildly irritating!).

What was I stitching, you ask? Well, this is a little pick-me-up for Martina Weber (Chatelaine) that is very loosely based on a design by Praiseworthy Stitches that I changed (rather a lot) to symbolize Martina and her situation and stuff. I feel like a total fraud, offering such a humble little thing to someone of her talents - but when I was in a similiar situation, any sort of personal warmth could turn a day of disaster into one filled with rainbows.

I hope everyone who celebrated Thanksgiving enjoyed it tremendously. Tomorrow, Niek & I are off to Nijmegen, over toward Germany, to celebrate Thanksgiving with some friends. I'm trying to make a pie, but I suspect we may have to swing by the bakery on the way there ...
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  • At Saturday, 26 November, 2005, Blogger Lelia

    YES! OK Barbara, the comments section worked today. Not sure what was going on yesterday.

    Take care in the weather -- sounds yukky. Enjoy your outting & buy a pie. That is what I do ...