27 November 2005
what's going on
Hey everyone - take a look what's going on right here, right now! In looking up some information for Joanna regarding "Gouda by Candlelight" I stumbled across a webcam of downtown Gouda!

You'll see us down there later today. Today is a rare 'koopzondag' - a day when the shops are open on Sunday. We lucked out - we've got one birthday party today and another Tuesday and have had no opportunity to pick up gifts!

The snow has melted. Not much accumulated here in the western part of the country, but the east (where we were with our friends yesterday) got several inches. Very, very unusual!! Entire highways were closed off due to the snow. "It's just snow" said someone I know, but when you aren't used to or prepared for the fluffy white stuff, it's a disaster. I heard that people were actually stranded on the closed highways overnight and blankets were distributed!
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