05 December 2005
no camera, but lots of fun
Niek and I took a trip into the wild world of shopping on a holiday and survived it. None of the stores we visited had our first choice video camera, but we did get to look at it's 'little brother' (the camera one step lower in price & features) and really liked that. We also looked at the expensive ones and were happily able to rule those out as simply being far too complex for our simple needs. Now that we do know what we want, it is a matter of having a store order it for us, I guess. So, no pictures tonight - sorry!

It was a very fun (if rather frantic) evening. The kids got to eat practically whatever they wanted - I cooked up a bit of everthing, had lots of tiny side dishes, etc. - which was a party in & of itself. Then just as we were finished up, there was a ruckus in the hallway that nearly scared me off my chair. Sinterklaas and Zwarte Pieten had thrown the door open and there were cookies and presents everywhere!! The kids didn't know what to do first - go for the gifts or scoop up the cookies. It was pretty funny. There was some frantic tearing of gift wrap, some very happy faces, and lots of noise!

I'd picked out a My Little Pony for Rowen, but she is simply her mother's daughter. She ignored the pretty little rainbow pony and took over the set of cars her brother Nicky got. Nicky didn't mind, he was in 7th heaven with the set of Teletubbies DVDs he got. I had to call him Dipsy until he fell asleep. Max got a book about knights that he's wanted "forever" and some other gifts that made him very happy, too.

I think I'll keep the My Little Pony for myself...
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