10 December 2005
happy holiday surprises

We woke to a heavy, prickly frost this morning. I was the first out of bed and out of the house and had the pleasure of biking to my yoga class in a heavy fog. It was like biking through a cloud, the mist was so thick. When I was a kid and used to fly (in an airplane :-)) I always wanted to live in the clouds. This morning I got to, temporarily. The drawback was the cold - my poor old fingers throbbed from it! When I got out of class, my bike was covered in a heavy hoarfrost - as if it had sprouted a prickly white pelt. Even the bike seat was covered. You can imagine the discomfort of jumping up onto that!

Later in the day, Niek took our Nikon CoolPix to the local dealer to be sent out for repairs. Niek explained that it had worked poorly for months and finally just gave up the ghost. The salesclerk snapped a trial picture and - can you believe it? - the camera worked fine! Niek took another one, just to make sure, and then put it back in his pocket and came home. We're puzzled, but pleased. Looks like we will be able to take Christmas pictures after all. And just to get in the mood, I asked Nicky and Rowen if they'd like to put on their Santa hats for a couple of pictures. Boy, did they! They love those hats!! So here are our youngest kids, hamming it up and having fun.

I hope this finds you all enjoying a wonderful weekend! As for me, I am trying to get as much of Max's pirate stitching done as possible, while he is away for the weekend - cross your fingers for me!
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