13 December 2005
secret santa surprise
The postman brought my secret Santa exchange today, and because I am a very naughty girl (my Dad warned me that Santa would put coal in my stocking if I didn't watch out!) I went right ahead and opened it! I'm glad I did, too, because now I can enjoy all the pleasures of looking at my new stash and dreaming about what projects I will use them in!

Julie sent me needles in my favorite size, a star de-tailor (which I've been so curious about and now can try!), candies (for the kids), GAST fibers in Raspberry Parfait and Daffodil (two colors I don't have!), Wildflowers in Amethyst (which I am running out of), and a mini-twist of Eterna SIlk in the most amazing color called "glass beach". She also enclosed a magnet with a picture of where she lives - why didn't I think of doing that with the package I sent out?! - and a cheery card that happens to have 3 kids playing in the snow (though I don't think she knows I have three kids). Thanks Julie!!

I knew a Julie back when I lived in Westbrook, Maine but she got married and I lost touch with her. I suppose it would be a huge coincidence if these Julies were one & the same, but the world is a small place and coincidences do occur.

I also received a visit from a stitching buddy who recently moved to Gouda. Her son and my two beasties had a nice time playing while the mommies talked shop. LOL. She really loved Dianne's ornament. And this morning I made out all the rest of the Christmas cards. (Barb gives herself a little pat on the back.) This afternoon I hope to dash over to the postoffice to get a few sheets of the special December stamps to mail them. And tonight I may even wrap the kids' gifts! Look out world, I'm feeling organized today!

The world should also be on the lookout for the newest Baby Driver (follow the link to hear the song), whose picture was snapped when she blew through a red light.

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  • At Tuesday, 13 December, 2005, Blogger Von

    Don't blame you for opening your gift right away, Barbara!!! Very nice things to play with :)
    Congrats for getting your cards finished - now please come help me with mine, lol!
    Thanks for the pic and warning of that crazy driver on the loose :)