12 December 2005
thanks! wow!
I came home from work today in what I can only honestly call a rotten mood. To my surprise, there was a pile of mail at the door - odd because we almost never receive mail on Monday. Better yet, it wasn't bills! Best of all, it was GREAT STUFF!

From Dianne, with whom I'm doing a neighborhood RR in 2006, I received the most adorable PS ornament. This is a new finishing technique for me, so not only will I enjoy this gift but I'll learn from it too! It has place of honor on our Christmas tree, which we only set up last evening. Thank you, Dianne! What a sweet gift, and you've been so busy with your mom and everything! Thanks!

I also received Carole's trade: a beautiful piece of Silkweaver linen in a wonderful mix of blues and greens. She also included 10 skeins of DMC for HoHRH, which I'll be starting soon! Thanks Carole! I love it!

And I got my Silkweaver FOTM today, too, with two very different colors of fabric than I would ordinarily buy, but I like them. The pinkish one is Coral Reef and the other is Peaceful Waters.

Next post: pictures of the kids decorating our tree!
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