08 March 2006
... please stand by ...
We are experiencing technical difficulties, please stand by.

Ah, folks, it's just so exasperating. Yes, I am grateful to have a computer again - it was lonely away from all of you! But this thing has got some sort of jinx on it. It is slow. I mean, get-up-and-make-coffee slow. And there is something wonky with the ports - it will no longer recognize my camera, which means I can't upload the pics of the Brightneedle projects now that they are finish-finished. sigh

Neither of them came out perfect, anyway. I have discovered how to do the nun's stitch backward. Looks lovely, but isn't much good for holding the fabric intact once you've cut it. I'd made My Dearest Friend into an ornie, but it 'popped' when I stuffed it. Some quick stitching has it back together, but the backside isn't very pretty anymore. Grasping the error of my ways, I did something a little different with Home, which is a needlebook, and used the Nun stitch to whipstitch a piece of hand-dyed cotton inside. It isn't perfect, but it looks reasonably okay and will go out in tomorrow's mail to a far-off friend. Perhaps she can take a picture and email it to me, and then I can post it....
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  • At Thursday, 09 March, 2006, Blogger Von

    Is your computer a little older than the other, Barbara? Seems like you run into those problems sometimes in an older model.
    Sorry you've had some difficulty in finishing some of your projects. I'm sure they're not as bad as you think. :)

  • At Sunday, 12 March, 2006, Blogger AnneS

    Can't wait to see the finished versions - sorry to hear you had some mishaps with it ... I'm sure it looks fine, though - we're always our own worst critics! :D Hope you manage to get the PC kicked into shape ...