03 March 2006
frazzled Friday
Last night I was up till 12:30 working from home to try to catch up on all I've missed during the kids' vacation week. I knew we were out of all the breakfast essentials, but I figured I could pop out to pick stuff up early in the morning and still be back in time to get everyone out the door (including me) on time. But we woke up to a true winter wonderland. My horrible-rotten-no-good camera would only register a white, fuzzy, blob (like photos of a seance with a 'spirit' hovering around) but Anneke's photos are great. Go look!

Anyway, we were all late with one thing and another, but by 10 am I was in the office and scrambling to get everything done before this afternoon's deadline. And I made it! Three big cheers!!

After a very yummy dinner, a sort of French/Mediterranean thing with eggplant (which I love), Niek tucked our wonderful wee beasties into bed and took himself off for an evening of sports. Leaving me all alone ... with nothing to do but stitch! Boy am I happy. After weeks of not having the oomph to do much of anything, I am eager to stitch away the hours. Tonight I'm doing Brightneedle smalls ... oh bliss.

And because lately I seem unable to avoid jumping on all the good bandwagons, here is my Johari table if you want to add your two cents. Those who feel up to it can even leave me some constructive criticism on my Nohari table.
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